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BroMosapien Delivers A Relentless Anthem "Space Bind"

When it comes to compelling an underground artist sound, BroMosapien sets the bar to nearly sky-scraping. Andy Underwood, otherwise known as BroMosapien, has an overall music style that is ever so smoothly consistent with absolute bangers of tracks packed with high energy and monstrous bass. Having the honor of releasing on labels such as Morflo, The Untz, Wubaholics and Aspire Higher, this rising star and heavy hitter is just getting started as he drops this relentless release with Mean Mug Music titled “Space Bind.”

Deep diving into this gnarly track, we start off with a drone sweep of distorted vocals that make you feel like you’re spinning in your Jedi starfighter that you don’t even have (where’d that come from?). Out of nowhere, the build-up sends your spaceship off into a path of what seems like "a black hole," as what BroMosapien says when describing this track. The second drop has you fully inhaled by this behemoth of a black hole void of bursting nebulas and unrelenting bass lines. Following the second drop, we’re spinning 360 degrees for literally ever in your starfighter - heady empty, no thoughts - slowly, but surely making our way back to civilization.

“When making this track, I approached it in a more cinematic flow, especially with the intro. The drone sounds with the eerie horns immediately struck me with a space theme, building into an epic anthem style drop with large enhanced Reese basses and a plethora of glitch basses, which I've been taking the time to delve deeper and deeper with sound design. The meaning behind this release is just meant to be a pure and chaotic experience. A glitchy anthem that will shake the floor at all future shows. I am VERY HYPED to play this one live!” - BroMosapien

You heard the man. He is very excited to play this one out in a live setting just as much as he is for you all to hear it through your headphones. What are you waiting for? Give "Space Bind" a listen below and shoot BroMosapien a follow if you haven’t already!

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