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Experience New Perspectives with Shawn Bernier's New Single "Mindshift"

North Florida native Shawn Bernier makes his Mean Mug Music debut with an intricate release called "Mindshift." This track is here to deliver a clean and immersive atmosphere while delivering unique sound design over psychedelic polyrhythmical drums. On the first listen through, its hard not to be impressed with the clarity of the sounds in the mix, and the delivery of each dash of flavor in the arrangement makes for a clean and encapsulating experience. This song takes several listens to really start to bring in the details you don't notice the first time through. Truly a complex tune with lots of ear candy mixed in to keep you coming back for more.

"Mindshift is about pushing yourself to find what you need inside to make your life better. A mind shift for better will reveal so many rewards and possibly some heavy losses but having that inner comfort is what will make you grow into a divine human."
- Shawn Bernier

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