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Gallium Makes His Mean Mug Debut With The 'Viscid' EP

There are many creative artists pushing bass music as a whole, in new directions, combining elements of other genres, using non-standard tempos, and experimental sound design, but few do so with such refinement. Denver-based Gallium brings his flavor to Mean Mug Music with his three-track 'Viscid' EP.

The EP kicks off with "Locked," followed by "Contingency" – two high-energy dubstep tracks. While they are both slower than the title track, it can be argued that they provide more of a dance-floor vibe. They are both busier, with extended builds and an emphasis on the mid-bass impact. Of the two, "Locked" stands out with a wider variety of sound design, leading to a more chaotic and glitchy arrangement. The delayed vocal chops add a layer of ear candy to the drop and a significant energy boost to the builds.

"Viscid" is the outlier; it’s still clearly Gallium, and it compliments the rest of the EP, but it’s more laidback and lives somewhere between dubstep and half-time drum and bass. A delayed lead hit sets the tune in motion and quickly becomes an integral part of the intro’s rhythm. Gallium does well at hinting at what's to come with a few stray bass hits that peek through the washy percussion. A basic but effective saw wave bassline leads us into the build. The addition of some woody percussion and a quick riser provides more than enough tension leading into the drop. The drop is heavy, but not in-your-face, more laid back; a deep, melt into your seat and let the sub take hold kind of heavy. Gallium takes advantage of silence in the second half of the drop, rotating between shorter hits and a full-on assault of sustained bass sounds. The second drop manages to be the more epic of the two, the drums more sparse, closer to a traditional dubstep beat, allowing everything else to breathe. The lead sound also seems to take a more prominent role here. The track ends without so much as a goodbye, leaving us begging for more.

If you haven’t listened to the whole EP yet, 'Viscid' is one you’ll want to listen to all the way through, taking in the entire experience that Gallium has carefully crafted.

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