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Ginseng Steps Out Of The Shadows With 'Dysania' EP

When it comes to mind-boggling bass, Ginseng has the game in an absolute chokehold. Not only does Galen Mayfield, better known as Ginseng, rip your throat out of your stomach, but he absolutely annihilates it, making you wonder if you even had it in the first place. The up-and-coming producer was nowhere to be found for weeks, and now we understand why. Ginseng has fully immersed himself in a brand new two-track EP called Dysania.

"Dysania was such a blast to work on, deep inspiration from the original art from Re:Fractal that I knew I wanted to take into an uptempo groove direction. My music process tends to lead me down the downtempo path so getting really funky and diving in on new sound design was a lot of fun!" - Ginseng

This mind-warping EP opens up with “B’oinked, which starts off with a low rumble of faders, almost as if you’re in the loading part of a video game, and you're trying to figure out which savage character you should choose. The build up makes you feel like you are in the infamous Call of Duty itself, trying to make as many kills as possible, so you don’t at least die in the process of listening. The second drop has you completely engulfed into “I Am Legend,” wondering if you’ll even make it out alive. The last part fades as you're drifting away back into the same loading screen you were in at the start. Would ya look at that? B’oinked, huh?

The second track "Touchdown" feels like you’ve already claimed your trophy, right? Not so fast there, buddy. We are just getting started. The bass ripples and drum kicks have you far into the end zone. Fast forward into the last half - it’s overtime. You’re DONE-zo. Sorry, Ginseng has you - like I stated from the very beginning - in a CHOKEhold, or mind you, in a stiff arm. There you have it, the Dysania EP. If you haven’t given it a listen yet, I highly recommend you let this one take you away into a different realm, and make sure to give Ginseng a follow while you're at it as he's got lots more up his sleeve.

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