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Mean Mug Music Proudly Presents ‘Midwest Regional Showcase Series’

We are pleased to announce our first compilation of the year, Midwest Regional Showcase Series: 001. This 15-track compilation record was designed primarily to showcase the emerging talent in the Midwest region and celebrate the growing underground scene in our area. We have hand-selected a wide and diverse range of artists and created a new roster to help give each of them a promising platform to spur their music careers once live events and performances fully return.

“We can’t contain the masses, we can only hear the voice of reason and contribute towards the greater good. This compilation of musical talent is a representation of the depths of these scenes that can’t be reached through day-to-day activities. It’s ignorant to limit art to what you know; therefore, we will continue to explore the depths of the underground and put a spotlight on those that help cultivate the scene around us.”

Midwest Regional Showcase Series: 001 consists of an incredibly versatile selection of bass music tracks. Whether it’s a high-energy dubstep track like King Knight’s “Big Dub,” a glitch hop groove like LSTER’s “Beetle” or something composed of funky beats and breaks like Wayso’s “Funk Accelerator,” there is something here for every listener. If you’re a lover of all things bass, then check it out below!

Stream Midwest Regional Showcase Series 001 on Soundcloud:

Mean Mug Music - Midwest Regional Showcase Series: 001 - Tracklist:

1. King of Knights - Big Dub

2. Grayskale & Undehfined - Fuggit

3. Pause. & JakeWalker - No Standards

4. Goolay - Joyride

5. LSTER - Beetle

6. Soup - Lobby Vomit

7. Young Ville - Corpus Town

8. Wuzzy - Off A Cliff

9. HARI - Glossilllaic

10. Ancient Mermaids - Ghost Ride

11. WokeZan - Somethin' Else

12. Wayso - Funk Accelerator

13. Mistah Dill - Dizzy

14. Bowler Bear - Bad Man

15. DVO - Who Run It

The wait is over. Mean Mug Music is now on Bandcamp. You can find all of our releases digitally available in high fidelity for sale or free download here!

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