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Race Through The Galaxy With Feelmonger's 'Gas Giants' EP

Mean Mug Music is proud to present a thrilling new EP from Feelmonger called Gas Giants. This two-track EP tells the story of a sonic adventure through time and space with big sounds, chunky drums and bouncy melodies, with a proper serving of Feelmonger's flavor. The first song “Gas Pedal'' jumps right into the action with a great groove and a super catchy melody, instantly transporting listeners into a galactic journey through outer space. The final track “Galaxies” with Hallucinate has a wobble that immediately fills you with goosebumps as it drops and eventually washes away with twinkling spaceship synths, marking the completion of this bass-filled journey.

Gas Giants was a project that I had a ton of fun writing. I got to work with two super talented humans and create two tracks that I believe reflect the range of sounds and emotions that the Feelmonger project is trying to create.”

After the release of Gas Giants I sat down with Feelmonger to discuss his current inspirations and what he has planned for the rest of the year. Some of his biggest inspirations for music creativity come from the idea of completely curated events that provide a sense of complete freedom and lack of judgement. His plans for shows and events in the future are certain to be absolutely amazing, and I personally can't wait to get to one! Feelmonger also mentioned a ton of new music to come in the last quarter of 2021, and he's working hard on putting together a tour or string of shows next year, so that is something we can all look forward to. Be sure to listen to Gas Giants below and give Feelmonger a follow for updates on upcoming releases, future shows and more.

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