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Scales Gives Us A Taste Of The 'Glow' EP [Premiere]

If this is your first time coming across Scales, allow him to reintroduce himself. Hector Ramos, better known by his stage name Scales, is born and raised in Los Angeles, California and now settling in Atlanta, Georgia where he has been making major waves in the underground bass scene. A true and consistent, line-drive hitter only, artisan of bass, Scales rips it out of the park with a massive EP titled Glow. This 5-track project is a perfect embodiment of the extremely versatile sound that Scales has honed in for himself. Our team is thrilled to bring you a taste of what's to come with the premiere of the title track.

"With Glow, I wanted to showcase how I was able to mold melodies and bass sound design with ominous design by using big synths and horns that lead into some heavy sound that takes you as the listener on a journey." -Scales

I'd like to start off by mentioning that the vocals in this release, “I glow with rage,” are in direct reference to a super saiyan from Dragonball-Z. So personally, when I first pressed play on this track, I felt like I was Goku myself. And I don’t even know much about Dragonball-Z if I’m being quite honest. But for some reason, especially with that powerful introduction alone, I instantly became a Dragonball-Z character. The absolute gnarly and straight up intimidating baselines leading up to the first set of powerful, grasping vocals plant a perfect seed for the first drop to completely ambush whoever is on the other side of the speakers. Scales even says himself, “I do showcase my sound with huge 808s, fat baselines, and aggressive sound design.” I mean, we heard the man, why would we even be surprised for his next drop to completely defeat us? Well, it does anyway, and we’ve lost this battle.

Scales has delivered on a silver platter a perfect mind-flayer of a track to blast on your local venue's Funktion One system once again. I cannot wait to hear this one live and if you don’t know, well, now you know. Give "Glow" a listen below and make sure to check out the rest of the EP while you're at it.

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