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Shatter Experiences “Technical Difficulties" With His Newest Single

As if his name doesn’t completely set the tone for all of his tracks, Shatter is back at it again, this time with some “Technical Difficulties.” Wasting no time completely annihilating his last set at Mean Mug Music’s virtual livestream event ‘Mean Mug & Chill’ to being officially added to the roster in late February, this Ohio native kicks open the door and chooses absolute violence with this track.

“Little Snake’s music was the real driving force for me to make this experimental track. His crazy sound design and style I really enjoy, but never tried until now!”

Picture this - you’re in your room, vibing to some tunes, minding your business. All of a sudden the next track comes on your Soundcloud and the lights go off (wyd?). Now you’re in a pitch black cave with nothing but a flashlight, some puddles on the ground and prayers. You finally start to hear a rumble of what sounds like a powerful, mind-flaying distortion of bass ripples that have you questioning if you’re really still on Earth or in the Upside Down about to face the final Demogorgon boss himself. Nope, sorry - this is just the first drop. We’re obviously not done yet. The second drop is even more debilitating and incapacitating than the first, and now you are convinced that this is an alternate reality. The last half of the track creeps away and drops you right back off in your same computer chair with all of the same half-dirty half-clean clothes, leaving you with only 6 words: “Mom, can you pick me up?”

To save some room for any lingering doubt as if this track really lives up to its name, Shatter confirms, “My computer was having CPU problems the more I was mangling the bass and crashed, so during the process I was actually experiencing technical difficulties.”

To put it lightly, Mean Mug Music is nothing short of elated and utterly ecstatic to have this nothing shy of a newcomer added to their tight-knit family of up-and-coming artists. And the only way to experience this type of phenomena is to listen to the track yourself. Check it out down below and give Shatter a follow (if you already haven’t) while you’re at it. No regrets, here.

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