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shwiLLy & Solfire Bring Us A Mind-Bending Track "Speeding"

shwiLLy and Solfire, previously known as Safire, have come together to create a mind-bending new track titled "Speeding" via Mean Mug Music. "Speeding" takes us on a mesmerizing journey through intensive waves of bass with echoed growls and vocals to pull you out of your seat and wonder if you are about to complete a hit and run. I got a taste of that Mean Mug sound right from the moment it tickled my ears. You can feel the pressure building from afar and listen as it turns into a heavyset loop with lyrics, making me bite down and get that stank face on immediately. The vocal loop "Yeah they jealous we unique" fits the criteria when describing this one of a kind slapper from these two emerging artists. Time will only tell when we are marking our calendars for another release from the vigorous duo. Check out "Speeding" for yourself below and follow shwiLLy and Solfire to stay up to date on upcoming music and live events.

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