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Take A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole With Mindtality's New Single "Pullover"

New Jersey's Mindtality is back again with an exciting LP called 'Refrakted.' Although the full album won't be released until April 13th, we are thrilled to give you a taste of what's to come with his brand new single "Pullover." Drawing inspiration from his fellow IDM/glitch music peers and pioneers, 90's hip-hop and older alternative rock, Mindtality takes us on a trip down the rabbit hole with this track. The statement attached below is from the man himself:

"This was one of those tracks that I made, and let it sit in the vault for a few months because it didn't feel complete. After searching and searching for what seemed like months for a way to finalize the track, one night watching Cops on the TV, I heard the cop say "Pullover" which made me think maybe that would work. After some searching and finding samples, I came across the perfect acapella to use, completing the track."

Where do I begin when describing this track? Well take a backwards bongo drum with some reverb and echo, and you have the first beat. After that is nothing less of an artistic display of club bouncin' lyrics and heart pumping basslines. From the very first "Let's go!" to the last "Pullover," this is definitely a bop that will keep your head nodding. Listen to "Pullover" below and keep your eyes peeled for the full 'Refrakted' LP out on Tuesday, April 13th.

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