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Undehfined and OptiK Team Up For New Single "Authentic"

Up-and-coming artists Undehfined and OptiK have joined forces for their newest single titled “Authentic” via Mean Mug Music. These talented minds strategically and effortlessly combined both of their own eccentric, yet individual sounds to make the tune that could have you sitting down in the beginning and up on your feet by the first drop.

“We decided to name it "Authentic" because we feel it showcases both of our stylistic choices individually throughout the track, but there are also moments where those styles blend together in a unique fashion.” - OptiK

The track starts out with a low rumble of faint drums in the distance, perfectly building up and greasing down everyone’s pans to make sure they are ready for what’s to come next. The first drop leaves you wondering if you’re tip-toeing through a bass-chanted forest or if you’re just flying through a galaxy of nebulas themselves. All of a sudden, you’re being yanked into the second drop (or black hole?) - this bass has your spaceship completely annihilated. Sorry mom, we won’t be home for dinner. The last half of the track has you back in that one bass-chanted forest you thought you were in all along as you tip-toe your way on back out. Whew, what a ride, huh? With that being said, you’re not going to want to sleep on this track. Bless your ears below and make sure to follow Undehfined and OptiK while you’re at it to keep up with the heat.

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