Meet The Team


Kyle Hoffman

Head Agent | Owner

Through years of touring music festivals and various shows across the US, Kyle has amassed a network of many talented friends, artists and promoters alike. Inspired to put his connections to good use, he founded Mean Mug Music as his way to give back to the musical community he cherishes so much. 


Mark Hoffman

Operations | Co-owner

Mark oversees the day to day operations of Mean Mug. He works closely with other organizations on the legal/business side of planning events. Mark also works to guide the vision and future of the company, overseeing the financials and long term plans for the company. He works diligently to build lasting relationships with other companies, as well as the community.  Mark Has a B.S in Biotechnology from Endicott College.

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Benji Roman

Label Manager | Director of Art

Benji is one of the music industry's brightest and  most ambitious individuals. A self taught record producer, touring musician, and professionally trained audio engineer,  Benji oversees the record label and art direction for Mean Mug Music. ​


Larissa Umbleby

Agent | Social | Label

With over a decade of industry experience, Larissa is a major asset to the Mean Mug team. A Michigan native, she has helped coordinate many events over the years and throughout the country. She instills change and authenticity within the strong ties of the community she has built. Larissa is a woman of many talents, as she has multiple positions within our company. As a promotions manager, she manages the Mean Mug Street Team which consists of a group of hand picked, dedicated individuals that are eager to spread information, smiles, and good music. With her love for music, and ear for that underground sound, Larissa works in our music distribution department and oversees stage management. Lastly, she has also taken on the role of agent and artist management. Ready to take on the world, Larissa is as dedicated as they come.


Connor Pray


With 5+ years of music industry experience, Connor has done it all. From humble beginnings as a marketing assistant at the Kalamazoo State Theatre, to running artists’ street teams, to founding his own event company, Connor has now stepped into the agent/management game. He aspires to be inspiring, and to leave everyone he meets with this thought: “If you’re not chasing your dreams, what are you doing? Don’t let anyone tell you to settle for anything less than your passion.”


Jake James


Jake’s career in music has spanned the last decade. As the owner of Further Freqeuncies he has curated events across the state and helped book talent at a number of Michigan music festivals as well as popular venues. He is well known for his unique style of event curation and working with a wide variety of local and national talent. His great ear for unique sound has enabled him to find many diamonds in the musical rough. He is enthusiastic about using his connections and skills to bring only the best music to the Midwest and beyond.


Andrew Martin


Andrew has always been captivated with the music industry, and is quickly transitioning from his role as a fan into an industry professional, as well as a producer and DJ. He has performed across Michigan and facilitated after-parties for several well-known musicians at his home in Grand Rapids. he soon decided take his career in the music industry to the next level by moving to Detroit. Andrew then teamed up Magical Mitten Productions where he assisted in all aspects of the company. The hard work, dedication, and connections Andrew made throughout the years would lead to becoming a director of Big Fam Music & Arts Festival as well as starting his own funk music label. Most recently, Andrew has signed on to become an artist agent and valued team member here at the Mean Mug Music collective.

Chase Kallil

Accounting & Finance

Chase is an agent, manager, and head of accounting & finance. He represents several top-tier artists and manages the Company’s books. He graduated from Michigan State University with honors obtaining a bachelors degree in Accounting and a minor in Philosophy and Law. He’s a licensed CPA in the state of Michigan and has experience  producing and coordinating live music events.


Freddy Leal Jr.


Born and raised in south Texas. Co-founder of Subciety Presents, Freddy has experience in curating and  organizing events and is well known for a positive attitude! His passion lies in discovering talent and setting them up with the right resources and networking  connections to help their music careers flourish. Freddy has recently signed on with Mean Mug Music as an agent and has  handled bookings in multiple cities across the U.S. He is here for the love, music, and the culture.


Elias Pineda


Elias Peneda, a man of several hats and duties, maintains his vigor, energy, and ethics in a concrete-fashion as he is rock-solid with his artists, clients, and colleagues. The collective experience Elias garnishes his credentials with are made up from his dealings as an artist himself, an entrepreneur, and functioning member of the music industry over the years. 

What Elias offers to the Mean Mug Music family is his constant drive, decdiction, and staggering ability to execute and deliver promise and projects. His undeniable fervency to his industry, musical talent roster, and outlying fanbase will allow this manager to go above and beyond in magnitude and precedent. Trust, worth-ethic, and creating everlasting memories and relationships are several attributes that sets Elias apart from the rest.


Cody Mavencourt

Public Relations

Cody's years of experience in public relations make him a true asset to the Mean Mug Family. He is tasked with answering all questions and concerns regarding Mean Mug events, as well as working with other businesses and artists to insure quality entertainment and a positive atmosphere. Cody has an F.D. From South Harmon Institute of Technology.


Sean Hoeft

Head of Security

Sean is fully committed to the patrons at all Mean Mug Events. He helps to insure a fun, and most importantly safe atmosphere where show goers and event attendees can feel secure and comfortable.